Welcome to the Campaign for International Cooperation and Disarmament

For the prevention of war and the reconciliation of nations

We live in dangerous times, but also in times of glorious opportunity.

It is acknowledged by scientists that in the event of nuclear war, destruction, sudden only for the fortunate few, will come upon mankind. It is apparent that if the new power harnessed by man is used for the good of man, nothing but good can come to man.

Our traditional freedom of assembly and speech are precious to us. The public of Australia would like to be assured that the Security service of this country is not going beyond its purpose of keeping Australia secure and using dossiers, the contents of which are known only to the service itself and against which there is no defence, to interfere with the free assembly and speech of citizens.

The Congress will take the form of a series of conferences arranged according ot the special interests of the people: scientists, churchmen, writers and artists, educationalists, the youth, etc.

Associated with the Congress is a Festival of the Arts. This is designed to make possible an interchange of art between the various countries of our region, and to promote art within our own country. Art knows no barriers and the mutual proportion and enjoyment of it between countries is a positive contribution to peace.

Rev. A. M. Dickie
Founding Chairman
Congress for International Cooperation and Disarmament

4 June 1959