Call to support the Peace & Planet Mobilization

  • Posted on: 25 April 2015
  • By: CICD Executive ...

We the Committee of the Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament (CICD) are calling on governments to end the threat of nuclear weapons by negotiating for their complete prohibition and elimination.

We are endorsing and support the call by the Peace & Planet Mobilization for a Nuclear-Free, Peaceful, Just, and Sustainable World.

Nuclear weapons are the most destructive, inhumane and harmful weapons ever created.

The failure of the nuclear powers to disarm has increased the risk that other countries will acquire nuclear weapons. The only guarantee against the spread and use of nuclear weapons is to eliminate them.

Nuclear weapons have been used twice in warfare – on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. More than 210,000 innocent civilians died, while many more suffered severe injuries. Even if a nuclear weapon were never again exploded over a city, there are intolerable effects from the production, testing and deployment of nuclear arsenals that are experienced as an ongoing personal and community catastrophe by many people around the globe. This must inform and motivate efforts to eliminate these weapons, and must never be used again.

Australia’s involvement in the nuclear industry began with supplying uranium for the US and UK’s weapons programs during and after World War II. British weapons tests in South Australia and Western Australia from 1952-63 left a legacy of health problems for Aborigines and armed service personnel, as well as significant environmental damage.

We would like to see a secure and liveable world for future generations. A world free of nuclear weapons and a safe and clean environment.

We believe a nuclear weapons free world must be achieved. We call upon all states particularly the nuclear weapons states to take the reasonable steps to abolish nuclear weapons.

We would like to join the millions of people around the world to raise our organisations voice and join the community of individuals and organisations working for a world free of nuclear weapons.

On the occasion of the 2015 Review of the NPT the CICD and our friends came together in solidarity with people all around the world to Wave Goodbye to Nuclear weapons.